Toya Boudy Cooking For The Culture Book Release

Toya Boudy is a native New Orleans chef. Her new cookbook, “Cooking for the Culture: Recipes and Stories from the New Orleans Streets to the Table,” has the recipes you would expect, like gumbo, jambalaya and barbecue shrimp. Boudy, however, is a Black New Orleanian. Her book is about Black home cooking in the city. The recipes also include collard greens, pepperoni lasagna and yakamein. She shares a culture where cooking is about abundance and thrift is a necessity. And unlike so many books devoted to home cooking, Boudy includes her own home on every page, from the loving house where she was raised, to her experience as a teenage mother and finally to her life now, where she appears on TLC and the Food Network and spreads her joyful, flavorful food across the internet.

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