Jazz Up Your Next Event
Live Food Demos

As a cooking instructor, Chef Toya has taught people from around the world the finer points of New Orleans cooking. Great as an entertainment piece for birthday parties or an attention grabber at trade shows, grand openings, and expos. Chef Toya not only teaches you how to make the food but also gives you the history behind each recipe while you sample the delicious dishes. A custom menu can also be created if your group wants something outside of the selected package. Customizing the menu will slightly increased the cost based on what is selected.

Creating Unique Dishes
Recipe Development

Toya has a creative presence in the kitchen and has the ability to put a unique flair on her culinary masterpieces. Work with her to develop your brands menu, food listings, or recipes. She can provide all aspects of recipe development which includes researching dishes and techniques, shopping for ingredients, testing the dish, recording every step and writing clear instructions others can easily follow.

Recipe Development
Sharing Her Wisdom About Life & The Kitchen
Public Speaking

Chef Toya is a charismatic and engaging speaker who’s passionate about teaching, encouraging, and mentoring. She can speak on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to: healthy eating, women’s empowerment, youth life skills, culinarian career advice, motivational speaking, and cooking advice for families.