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In Cooking for the Culture, Boudy shares these recipes, many of which are deeply rooted in the proud Black traditions that shaped her hometown. Driving the cookbook are her personal stories: from struggling in school to having a baby at sixteen, from her growing confidence in the kitchen to her appearances on Food Network. The cookbook opens with Sweet Cream Farina, prepared at the crack of dawn for girls in freshly ironed clothes—being neat and pressed was important. Boudy recounts making cookies from her commodity box peanut butter; explains the know-how behind Smothered Chicken, Jambalaya, and Red Gravy; and shares her original television competition recipes. The result is a deeply personal and unique cookbook.


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With over 240 pages and 100 full color food photography and recipes, Cooking For The Culture is an intimate celebration of New Orleans food and its Black culture from a born-and-raised local chef.

Combined with the recipes are interwoven stories of Toya’s New Orleans upbringing.  A deep look into black culture, hard work ethic, and a love for family.  This book is an award winning body of work that blends Toya’s personal upbringing in New Orleans through her culinary journey.

More than just your average cookbook, readers will come to understand the heart and soul of a city and a culture through her life’s work.  The result is a deeply personal and unique cookbook that gives readers an understanding of New Orleans culinary scene.