Edelweiss Presents: Dig In - A Celebration of Food and Stories

I did my very first virtual book panel recently with Edelweiss called “Dig In”. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mindy Chen (Moderator) and Andrea Pons the Author of a new cookbook called “Mamacita”. It was girl power on level 10 and I loved it! All three of us had life stories that were deeply rooted in our cultural upbringing and how it shaped our everyday actions.

Andrea Pons, a proud Mexicana immigrant, talked about her back to basics approach with her cookbook and how she wanted to be unapologetic in every way when representing her culture. It was like meeting a reflection of myself when I heard her stories and mission for the book. It’s amazing how our journey through our cultures, finding confidence and inner freedom to embrace everything that our cultures have deposited into us was a parallel that proved we are not the same but still cut from similar cloths. Check out full video and please do your library a favor by buying Andrea Pons new cookbook called “Mamacita”.

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